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Welcome to The Moms Spot! The place where Special Moms needs are met. Being the mom of a special needs, extra needs, or disabled child is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding things that a mom can do.

I want to honor you, welcome you, cherish you because you are so important, your needs are so important. The work you do may be thankless in many ways but so rewarding in others.

It is my mission to help you get through the challenging, thankless times to the rewarding times. To remind you of your importance, the life beyond what is visible, to meeting the challenges that lie ahead with your head held high, with confidence and with a plan.

You are not alone.

You are not just a body to get your child back and forth to therapy, or in and out of a wheelchair your journey, your mission if you accept it is to thrive. Take Control, help your child by helping yourself. The more you thrive, the more your family thrives.

Welcome, how can I help?

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