Halloween Treats

Author: Jodi LeBlanc

Trick or treat Halloween Cookies

Are you taking your child out trick or treating this year? Having a small party at home?

In all the craziness this is the first year my daughter has been utterly fascinated with Halloween… Yep in the middle of a pandemic, with covid running rampant and people quarantining she is finally ready to trick or treat! I thought it might fade by now. In June she became enamored with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Scary Story cartoon, dozens upon dozens of viewings weekly.

Halloween Activity Book
Halloween Activity Book

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In July we added more Halloween cartoons and began asking to go to the Pumpkin Patch by the beginning of August! This is a big deal because she was completely non-verbal until after she turned 5 and mostly non-verbal until recently when she surpassed minimal functional speech and began some conversational speech. We have been working patiently and waiting for the pieces to come together and it is so very exciting (if you have a non-verbal child and would like some beginning info shoot me an email and I will give you a couple of quick starting points).

Halloween Pumpkin carved with black cat popping out
Halloween Fun

So in case you didn’t gather completely skipping Halloween this year is definitely a no-go in my household what about yours?

Luckily trick or treating is outdoors and if we even hit a few houses in our rural area it should make her happy :).

For us I am planning a combo deal some trick or treating to stimulate the ongoing excitement of participating in holidays and some home fun popping popcorn and having a few treats in case the trick or treat doesn’t go so well.

So are you making a night of trick or treating out, staying in or a combo deal? Let me know in the comments…

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